Kadabra Reportedly Set to Return to Pokemon TCG in 2023

It appears that the long-absent Kadabra will return to the Pokemon Trading Card Game in 2023. The leading Pokemon TCG site PokeBeach is reporting that Kadabra will make its reappearance in the Pokemon Trading Card Game in the upcoming "Pokemon Card 151" set due for release in Japan in June. The set will focus on the original 151 Pokemon that appeared in Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Pokebeach notes that the retailer sell sheet specifically mentions an Alakazam-ex card. In the current Pokemon Scarlet and Violet series, -ex cards use the traditional evolution mechanic, so an Alakazam-ex would require Kadabra. 

Kadabra was infamously the center of a decades-long feud between The Pokemon Company and illusionist Uri Geller. Geller claimed that Kadabra was based off of his likeness, something that was supported by the Abra line having Japanese names based off of  famous magicians. Kadabra's Japanese name is Yungerer and Geller's gimmick specifically involves bending spoons. Geller sued The Pokemon Company and the lawsuit directly led to Kadabra being pulled from both the Pokemon TCG and Pokemon anime. Kadabra hasn't appeared on a Pokemon card in 21 years. 

PokeBeach reached out to Geller, who seemingly confirmed that Kadabra will be returning to the card game. "I am pleased Pokemon fans are excited to see Kadabra return to the card game," Geller told PokeBeach. "Look, I want to thank the Pokemon fans who reached out to me over the last [few] years. Including the ones from PokeBeach, who kept contacting me nonstop. So basically, it was you and my granddaughters that got me to change my mind. Now we can all see Kadabra reunited with the original Pokemon in the card game this summer." 

Geller also noted that his lawsuit was a mistake, stating "I love you all. And I admit, totally open and honest. I was a fool. It was a devastating mistake for me to sue Pokemon. [Kadabra] was basically a tribute to Uri Geller. But it's back now. Forgive me. I love you all. Much love and energy."

The Pokemon Company has yet to officially confirm Kadabra's reappearance in the Pokemon TCG set, nor is it clear how the Pokemon Card 151 set will be distributed internationally. Traditionally, international Pokemon sets contain cards from multiple Japanese sets, so Kadabra's long-awaited return could be a bit further out for fans outside of Japan.