Long-Neglected Pokemon Gets First Pokemon Card in 16 Years

Bonsly will appear on its first Pokemon TCG card since 2007 in Obsidian Flames.

Baby Pokemon are making a comeback in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, which means that a long-missing Pokemon is making a comeback. Bonsly is confirmed to make an appearance in the upcoming "Obsidian Flames" set as one of at least two Baby Pokemon in the set. This marks the first time that Bonsly has appeared in the Pokemon Trading Card Game since the 2007 set "Space-Time Creation" and only the fourth time the Pokemon has appeared on a card at all. Bonsly's first two appearances were in promo cards, followed by its appearance in "Space-Time Creation." Its abilities are currently unknown, but a preview of Cleffa shows that Pokemon having a move that requires no Energy to use, so its assumed that Bonsly will have a similar ability. 

Several other Baby Pokemon have long been missing from the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Mime Jr. and Magby haven't appeared in a card set since 2011, Elekid and Smoochum haven't appeared in the game since 2010, and Mantyke has only appeared on one card that was released in 2007. Other Baby Pokemon have appeared more recently, such as Tyrogue and Munchlax both making appearing during the Sun & Moon era of the card game. 

Interestingly, this marks the second return of a long-missing Pokemon from the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Kadabra is also set to make its first appearance in 20 years with the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet -151 later this year. Kadabra's absence was due to a legal dispute with illusionist Uri Geller, which was recently resolved and paved the way for the Pokemon to appear in non-game material such as the anime and card game. 

Bonsly will appear in the "Obsidian Flames" expansion that releases in August of this year.