Pokemon Unite Is Adding Blissey to Game on Wednesday

Pokemon Unite will add its 22nd playable Pokemon on Wednesday. Blissey, the Normal-type evolution [...]

Pokemon Unite will add its 22nd playable Pokemon on Wednesday. Blissey, the Normal-type evolution of Chansey, will be added to Pokemon Unite via an update this Wednesday. Blissey is classified as a Supporter Pokemon and has moves that can heal or increase basic attack speed. Notably, its Unite Move allows it to move to a nearby ally's location and protect it from attacks, which seems like a critical move during heated battles or must-score scenarios. You can check out a first look at Blissey and its abilities below:

Blissey is the second post-launch Pokemon to be added to Pokemon Unite, following the addition of Gardevoir earlier this month. Pokemon Unite has also confirmed that Blastoise will be added to the game in a future update. As Blastoise already appears in the tutorial and was previously announced, many fans are sure to have questions about Blastoise's continued absence from the game.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA-style free-to-play game featuring 5v5 team battles. Players control a single Pokemon and level it up by defeating wild Pokemon and opponents. Players also collect Aeos Energy from wild Pokemon and try to score goals on their opponent's side. While the game is missing several features from traditional Pokemon games (such as type advantages), it's still a fun blend of MOBA-style tactics and classic Pokemon.

There is currently only one other Pokemon with the ability to heal allies, and that Pokemon (Eldegoss) was nerfed during the last update. Whether this was to make Blissey a more attractive option to players or to simply differentiate the two Pokemon's abilities remain to be seen.

As there's a Pokemon Presents this week, we could hear more news about Pokemon Unite and the game's upcoming mobile launch. Stay tuned to ComicBook.com for more Pokemon Unite news and listen to A Wild Podcast Has Appeared, the official Pokemon podcast of ComicBook.com, for a full breakdown on Blissey's impact on the game.