Cancelled PS4 and Xbox One Game Back From the Grave Following Backlash

Back in February, an upcoming PS4 and Xbox One game was cancelled, much to the dismay of [...]

Back in February, an upcoming PS4 and Xbox One game was cancelled, much to the dismay of PlayStation and Xbox fans looking forward to the game. Months later, and after notable backlash, the game has been re-announced for PS4 and Xbox One. More specifically, developers Dual Effect and Abstract Digital Works, along with publisher PQube, have announced that in addition to PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, and Nintendo Switch, Tormented Souls will release on PS4 and Xbox One when it drops sometime this year.

The news comes the way of the official PQube Twitter account, which relayed the news this week on top of word that a physical edition of the PS4 version is in the works alongside a physical version of the PS5 and Nintendo Switch versions.

For those that don't remember: Tormented Souls was first announced by the aforementioned trio back in August 2020. At the time, the game was announced only for PS4 and Xbox One. Then in February 2021, the game was canned for these platforms in favor of the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox One. At the time, this wasn't received well. It's unclear if this backlash played a role in this reversal, but it presumably did.

Unfortunately, this announcement wasn't coupled with news on when exactly the game will release. Right now, we know it's releasing in 2021, but that's all we know. Given the title is a horror game, releasing it around Halloween would make sense, but right now, this is just pure speculation.

For more coverage on the game and all things gaming -- including the latest on both PlayStation and Xbox -- click here. Meanwhile, below you can read more about the upcoming game, courtesy of an official elevator pitch straight from PQube Games.

"Inspired by cult classic survival horrors from Resident Evil to Silent Hill, Tormented Souls is a modern take on the fixed-perspective adventure," reads the game's pitch. "Lured to the small town of Winterlake by fate (or perhaps something altogether more sinister) play as Caroline as she fights for her life, for answers, and for an escape from the decrepit hell in which she finds herself."