PS4 and PS5 Players Can Soon Play Controversial Game

Both PS4 and PS5 players can soon play a sequel to one of the most controversial and worst games ever made. There are a lot of games still coming to PlayStation consoles between now and the end of the month, such as Resident Evil 4, Tchia, MLB: The Show 23, and System Shock. This list isn't exhaustive, of course, and now it's grown by another game. PS4 and PS5 players are set to get Postal 4: No Regerts before Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X users. According to developer Running With Scissors, the game is "the long-awaited true sequel" to Postal 2, one of the most infamous and controversial games ever made. 

The fourth installment in the series isn't as controversial as its successor, partially because the environment in which it's releasing in isn't as sensitive to over-the-top violence, but also because it's not garnered the same attention. What it did garner was similarly terrible reviews. Released in 2022, the game was the lowest-rated game of the year with a score of 30 on Metacritic.

"Postal 4: No Regerts is a satirical and outrageous comedic open-world first-person shooter and the long-awaited true sequel to what's been fondly dubbed as 'The Worst Game Ever,' Postal 2," reads an official blurb about the game. "Several years have passed since the events that devastated the once proud town remembered as Paradise. The only two to walk away from the cataclysm unscathed, the hapless everyman known as the POSTAL Dude and his loyal companion Champ, drive aimlessly through the scorching deserts of Arizona looking for a new place to call home. After a fortuitous gas station rest stop ends with their car, trailer home, and the rest of their worldly possessions stolen, all the Dude's seemingly got left to his name is his canine cohort and his bathrobe, and neither of them smells all that great. However, on the horizon, the duo glimpses an unfamiliar and dazzling town that beckons to them. What untold prospects lie within? Fame? Fortune? Maybe a bidet or two? Edensin awaits."

If you're interested in playing Postal 4 on PS4 or PS5, you can do so come March 21. A price point has not been divulged, so it will presumably cost the same it does on PC, which is to say it will presumably cost $39.99; a dollar and some change for every point it has on Metacritic.