New PS5 Controller Issue Possibly Discovered

A new PS5 controller issue has been possibly discovered. The discovery comes the way of Reddit, [...]

A new PS5 controller issue has been possibly discovered. The discovery comes the way of Reddit, and one user who claims the impressive new DualSense controller alerts users that their controller's battery is low even when the battery still has 50 percent juice in it left. Obviously, the consequences of this aren't very serious, but it may mean PS5 users are worrying about juicing up their controller more often than they need to.

The Reddit post is actually a few weeks old, but it's been recently making the rounds again. At the time, it shot to the top of the PS5 Reddit page.

"I timed my gaming sessions over the last few days, and noted at what point the PS5 would say I have low battery," reads the Reddit post. "Overall there are around 11-12 hours of continuous gaming battery life, and the PS5 told me my controller's battery is getting low around six hours in. This was all done while mainly playing Returnal which runs the haptics hard. No headphones though, that will drain it a little faster still."

"Yeah something is not quite right with the battery indicator," adds the top comment. "One bar still has a ton of battery life left. If you turn off the PS5 and back on again the battery will frequently show two bars when it showed only one before the restart."

"The most recent controller update seems to have done something to the battery indicator," reads another top comment. "My controllers now drop to a single bar after what seems like 3-4 hours or possibly less."

So, what is going on? Well, one user in the comments suggests it's based on optimal charging for lithium batteries, which are better to charge when they are between 33 and 20 percent than let hit zero. However, while this may be true, it only partially explains the issues outlined above.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear what exactly is going on. Thankfully, for Sony, if there is a problem, it's nothing major, unlike some of the issues the console is still having. That said, early indications suggest that the advanced tech in the PS5 controller is going to quickly drain battery life, which is going to be a major problem as that battery ages.

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