PlayStation Teases PS5 Launch Lineup

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been slowly but surely dripping out information about the PS5. However, one thing it hasn't said a peep about is the PlayStation 5's launch lineup. Of course, there's been plenty of rumors, which have suggested we may see games like a Demon Soul's Remake, a new Gran Turismo, the return of SOCOM, and plenty of third-party games. That said, these are just rumors. The reality is nobody knows what the PS5 will come packing at launch, but Sony seems confident the system will have games that will satisfy players.

During its latest earnings call, Sony revealed to investors that's confident that the PS5 will succeed, and that Sony's own studios and third-party studios are lining up PS5 games that "will satisfy game fans." What's interesting here is Sony specifically referencing "game fans," which suggests to me we may see some games more aimed at the hardcore PlayStation fan rather than the more casual gamer who plays on PlayStation consoles, or at least that's what Sony's first-party will focus on.

For what it's worth, I've heard that Guerrilla Games will have a title ready for the launch of PS5, but it won't be the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, though this is being worked on. Rather it will be the studio's multiplayer game, which it's been working on for awhile, and which it recruited Rainbow Six Siege leads to help make. I've heard some people throw Killzone around, but from what I've heard I believe this will be the return of SOCOM. Meanwhile, I expect a new Gran Turismo to be ready. Beyond this, I haven't heard much, but surely Sony will have a few other first-party games come holiday 2020.

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