PlayStation 5 Price Reportedly Revealed, and It's Very Cheap

The price of the PlayStation 5 has reportedly been revealed, and if the price point is accurate, [...]

The price of the PlayStation 5 has reportedly been revealed, and if the price point is accurate, then the Sony console is cheaper than everyone thinks it's going to be. According to Canadian retailer Play N Trade (via Notebookcheck) the PS5 will cost $600 CA, which is roughly $400 USD. In other words, according to the retailer, the next-gen Sony console will cost the same as the PS4 did at release back in 2013. As you will know, most analysts and informed predictions have been placing a $500 USD price tag on the console, so if the PS5 does manage to come in at $400 USD, Sony will be coming in under expectations, which is always a great way to generate hype and consumer interest.

That said, it's quite possible this is nothing more than pure hogwash. The aforementioned retailer is currently taking pre-orders for the console, which it suspects will release on time. So, it's possible this is nothing more than a placeholder amount so the retailer can take pre-orders. And it's a safe placeholder for pre-orders because there's no way the console will cost less than $400. Not only does it have expensive parts, competition for these parts is steep, and the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted production.

Also working against this being an actual price is the fact that it's unclear why this retailer knows the price point of the console. It's obvious Sony hasn't begun to divulge this information to retailers, because the leaks would be coming in at a much greater rate. Further, if there was going to be a retailer that knows the price of the PS5, it's probably going to be a larger retailer, such as Amazon or Walmart.

All of this is to say, take this price point with a grain of salt. Even if it's correct, it's still subject to change until Sony announces an official price for the console. Meanwhile, I'm still putting my wager on $500 USD.

"The PlayStation 5 will probably cost $500, and while this may seem a bit expensive, it's actually a completely reasonable price point when you consider inflation," reads the opening of our article about the PS5's potential $500 price point. "At the moment of publishing, Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn't disclosed or even hinted at the price of the PS5. However, if you read our recent article about why we think the PS5 will be more expensive than some think, you'll understand that there's mounting evidence that points not to a $400 price point, but a $500 price point. Again, this may seem a bit pricey, but after you adjust for inflation, you realize while this is still $50 more than the PS4 and PS2, it's about the same cost of the PS1, and is drastically cheaper than the PS3."

The PS5 is set to release sometime later this year. At the moment of publishing, we don't know when exactly it will drop or how much it will cost. What we information we do have though is a growing list of confirmed PS5 games.