PS5 Update Makes Secret Improvement to the Console

The new PS5 update makes a secret improvement not outlined in the patch notes. The highlight of the new update is it adds the ability to store PS5 games via USB extended storage, which is something many PlayStation players were shocked not see included when the console launched last year. While this is undeniably the highlight of the update, it's far from the only noteworthy improvement or change the update make. Not only are a good chunk of the patch notes noteworthy, but the update apparently does more than what the patch notes reveal.

At launch, the PS5 wasn't just missing fairly basic features, but it had several firmware issues. For example, every hour, if there was a disc in the console, it would spin and make an unpleasant and loud noise in the process. At the time, it was unclear why the console -- which is pretty quiet otherwise -- was doing this, and it's still unclear, but it's less of a problem since the update.

With the update installed, the PS5 still randomly spins the disc, but the sound it makes while doing this isn't as loud. Not only have many PS5 players reported this throughout the day, but we've been able to confirm it ourselves. Of course, it's still possible this is all anecdotal and coincidental, but with the number of players reporting the improvement, it's very unlikely.

That said, Sony doesn't make any note about any of this in the aforementioned and above-linked patch notes, which is odd if it made a change to this aspect of the console. However, it could be because the problem hasn't been completely remedied, just improved.

If more information about this apparent tweak surfaces, we will be sure to update the story with said information. In the meantime, for more on the PS5 be sure to take a quick peep at all of our past and all of our recent coverage on the console by clicking right here or, alternatively, check out the relevant and recent links below: