Big PS5 Exclusive Possibly Leaked By Retailers

The PlayStation 5 is set to release sometime this holiday season, but right now we don't know when, how much it will cost, or what games will release alongside it. We know about Godfall, but that's about it. Sure, there's been rumors of PS5 launch games and even PS5 launch exclusives, such as Horizon Zero Dawn 2, a SOCOM reboot, a new Killzone, a remake of Demon's Souls, a new Gran Turismo, and more, but for now none of these have been confirmed, and some of them even sound doubtful. That said, according to a new leak, one exclusive game that may be there at the launch of the next-gen PlayStation console will be Sly Cooper 5, or at least that's what two retailer listings seem to suggest.

Both Instant Gaming and Press-Start currently have listings for Sly Cooper 5. Now, both listings are for PS4, but you'd assume this would also, at the very least, be a PS5 game given that it hasn't been announced and the PS5 launch is less than a year away.

That said, the listings unfortunately don't divulge any further salient details, and some PlayStation gamers think they are nothing more than placeholder listings. For one, it's unclear why these two retailers would know about the game while other bigger retailers don't. Unless they let the cat out of the bag while others didn't, but the fact that the listings are still up suggests this isn't the case. Meanwhile, there's been nothing from Sony or even many rumors that have pointed to a new Sly Cooper game.

In other words, take these listings with a massive grain of salt. However, the lead designer of the series did recently say he would love to return to the former PlayStation mascot franchise.

Anyway, as always, feel free to sound off in the comments with your thoughts. Do you think Sony is making a new Sly Cooper game? If so, what developer do you think has been tasked with the job?


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