Sony Confirms Next-Gen VR Headset Is in the Works Presumably for PS5

Sony has confirmed that a new next-gen VR headset is in the works, presumably for PS5. The news [...]

Sony has confirmed that a new next-gen VR headset is in the works, presumably for PS5. The news doesn't come way of a PlayStation mouthpiece but a new job listing shared by Sony that confirms the company is working on a "next-generation VR head-mounted display." The listing doesn't outright mention PS5 or PlayStation, but many PlayStation fans assume this is in reference to the reported PlayStation VR 2.

The listing, translated from Japanese to English by Google Translate, specifically contains the following snippet: "We are developing a next-generation VR head-mounted display." Meanwhile, as Upload VR points out, not only is Sony working on a VR headset, but bulking up for the job with 15 new openings.

This suggests not only is the headset still in the early stages of development, but that Sony is investing the proper resources to ensure its success. According to the listing, applicants should expect to be "in charge of the mechanical design of the lens barrel supporting the optical system, small and lightweight housing, heat radiation design, development of jig for optical system evaluation, etc."

While many are assuming this is the PlayStation VR 2, nothing here confirms this. In fact, as Upload VR notes, the job posting is interestingly not for Sony Interactive Entertainment, but Sony Corp out of Japan. In other words, it's possible this is a VR headset for a wider audience than PlayStation. That said, just because this is possible doesn't mean it's probable. The safe bet here is that this is PlayStation VR 2 for PS5.

As alluded to, there have been reports that Sony is working on a new PlayStation VR headset, but at the moment, Sony hasn't commented on these reports or divulged any intention to follow up the piece of niche hardware.

It's also worth pointing out that sometimes context and meaning are lost in translation, especially when dealing with Google Translate. That said, we will be sure to update this post if further clarification is provided.

As for the listing itself, it doesn't really divulge much else of note other than that the headset is being designed to be easy and comfortable to use while providing premium visuals.

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