PS5 Shipments Could Be Impacted by Suez Canal Boat Situation

There has been a whole lot of commotion made about the boat that was stuck at the Suez Canal for [...]

There has been a whole lot of commotion made about the boat that was stuck at the Suez Canal for nearly a week. Although the ship, known as the Ever Given, has now finally been dislodged from the canal, it seems as though the delays in shipping could have already taken their toll. So how far-reaching could those effects be? Well, for many still on the hunt to acquire a PlayStation 5, this whole saga could have a direct impact for their ongoing search.

According to Business Insider, the Suez Canal being clogged up for close to a week could delay shipments of the PS5 to regions around the globe. For those unaware, the Suez Canal actually sits at a very pivotal point where shipping between Asia and Europe transpires. Since most PS5 consoles are manufactured in Asia, they are then shipped around the world on boats exactly like the one here with the Ever Given. Although it's not known if the Ever Given specifically may have contained PS5 consoles that were being shipped out, the fact that the canal has essentially been shut down for the past week means that any boats that may been doing so have been looking to use the passage were kept from doing so.

Again, this all might not seem like a big deal. After all, since the Ever Given has now been unstuck, can't things just return to normal? Well, in some senses, yes. That being said, the delays that have occurred over the past week might be felt for quite some time. With the Suez Canal not being usable, many other ships needed to re-route their paths, some of which would take drastically longer than normal. As such, a lot of shipments got backed up with the PS5 potentially being one such item that now might be harder to get in the near future.

So if you already thought it was hard to find a PlayStation 5, I wish you the best of luck in your ongoing endeavor within the coming weeks and months. Hopefully, Sony's next-gen platform will start to be easier to get ahold of once we get a bit further into 2021.

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