PT Silent Hills Remake Officially Axed by Konami

The gaming community, both players and industry alike, were taken aback by Konami's sudden decision to cancel the Silent Hills project with Guillermo del Toro at the helm. Though this happened several years ago, many in the community tried to keep it alive both through mods and expansions upon the short demo we were able to witness. One of the projects we've been covering here at ComicBook for quite awhile now goes by the name of PT for PC, and today we are sad to report that the most noteworthy of attempts to keep it alive has officially been axed by Konami.

The creator for this project, Qimsar, mentioned that Konami themselves reached out to him with a cease and desist. Though, it's not all bad. The company seems to recognize how much effort went into this project and have reportedly offered him compensation of Konami merchandise, free video games, and even an offered internship to work with Konami themselves. When one door closes, three more apparently open because Qimsar seemed excited about the prospect of working with both the US, European, and the Japan Konami studios. Did we also mention that he's only 17!?

Though his project wasn't "legitimate," as Qimsar himself put it, he did mention that his confirmation with Konami has inspired him to make 'real' games and not titles spurred from castaways. As much as we are saddened to see such a passionate project see the executioner's axe, we are thrilled for all of the prospects for this game designer hopeful and it seems that he has quite a few amazing possibilities lined up for him in the future.

If you're like us and kind of bummed by this news, don't worry! There are still tons of PT Silent Hills projects out there to get this cancelled dream back into the real world. Whether Konami will reach out to them all individually remains to be seen but if they do - they've definitely got their work cut out for them.


At this time, there are no further Silent Hill games in development. But hey, at least we've got the incredible Resident Evil 2 remake to look forward to!