PUBG: New State Promises New Info After Getting 5 Million Pre-Registrations in a Week

PUBG: New State, the new game set in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds universe, has already [...]

PUBG: New State, the new game set in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds universe, has already amassed an impressive number of pre-registrations since it was announced. Within exactly one week since the reveal happened, creators Krafton have confirmed that over 5 million people have already pre-registered for the game through Google Play alone so that they can be ready for it when it releases. PUBG: New State does not yet have a release date and is scheduled to come to mobile devices sometime this year.

The latest on PUBG: New State's pre-release progress was shared on social media through the new accounts that have been set up for just that game. After announcing the pre-registration milestone that was hit within the week, the creators promised that there'd be more information to be shared soon through the social media accounts. We've seen some of that happen already with different screenshots shared prior to the latest tweet, and it looks like we can look forward to "more exclusive info soon" from the same account.

PUBG: New State is not "PUBG 2," though there's reason enough to believe some sort of project like that is on the way. Instead, this game is for mobile devices only and will build on the learnings of PUBG Mobile while leaning on the core battle royale experience established in PUBG. It'll support up to 100 players in a match with better visuals and more planned for the new mobile game.

"Coming in 2021, players will be able to drop in and explore a new map that expands the lore, experience graphics that push the limits of mobile gaming, master the best and most dynamic gunplay on the market, and enjoy next generation survival features that evolve the battlegrounds," a preview of the game read.

For those interested in the evolving story of the PUBG games, you'll also see a new facet of the series' universe through PUBG: New State. This game takes place in 2051 which is years after the setting of the original PUBG and involves warring factions who battle against one another. These competitions are housed within the new battleground which will begin with the "TROI" map that PUBG: New State will start with.