PUBG Update Overhauls Vikendi

PUBG players who load into a match on Vikendi will find that the map looks a bit different now [...]

PUBG players who load into a match on Vikendi will find that the map looks a bit different now that the latest update has been released. The map is still covered in snow with its bridges and waterways connecting various points of interest for players to explore and utilize, but some improvements have been made to make the map a better battleground that offers a more enjoyable experience. It's an update comparable to ones like the Erangel overhaul players have gotten in the past.

PUBG Corp.'s patch notes for the latest update went over everything that's new in Vikendi, but the best way to make sense of it is still to play a game yourself and see what's new. There are frozen areas of the river that allow players to cross it in different ways, a reshaping of towns and their buildings, and the balance of the Blue Zone itself has been adjusted accordingly.

Those are just a few of the changes made to Vikendi in Update 5.2. PUBG's video above goes over some of those improvements as well as PUBG's new system for experimenting with upcoming features, and you can find all the relevant Vikendi changes from the patch notes found below.

Improved terrain

  • New roads have been added to reduce the difficulty of moving through certain snow-covered areas of Vikendi.
  • Along with the roads added, the amount of vehicles across the map have increased and locations adjusted.
  • A cold front has moved in and the river around Castle has frozen over to allow you to navigate that area more easily.
  • Located at the center of Vikendi, Mount Kreznic consists of various terrain types which are difficult to navigate, due to how steep the mountain is. To improve this, the overall height of the mountain has been lowered. Yes, we shrunk the mountain, but just a bit.
  • Vikendi terrain in many areas is very flat, making it difficult for players to hide or take cover when encountering enemies. To improve this, we've added more variance to terrain height in areas across the map.

Improved towns in Vikendi

  • A few of Vikendi's towns were seldom visited due to complex structures or not enough loot. We've made some adjustments to the following areas:
  • Volnova has been reshaped in general. Major buildings and driving routes have been modified.
  • Item spawn counts in Peshkova have increased.
  • Garages where vehicles are spawned in Trevno have been relocated to allow easier escape after looting. So get to stepping.
  • Some buildings have been removed or replaced with different buildings to improve gameplay. The field of vision gained from high buildings has been adjusted, through structural changes.

Improved gameplay balance

  • Blue Zone balance on Vikendi has been adjusted so that players can set up strategies using more varied routes.
  • The size of early safe zones has increased.
  • Speed of early Blue Zones has increased.
  • The size and speed of mid and late-game Blue Zones remain similar to previous updates.
  • The randomness of Blue Zone locations throughout the match has slightly increased.
  • To reflect player feedback on insufficient vehicle spawns on Vikendi, we've signifcantly increased the overall number of vehicle spawns.
  • The location of vehicle spawns has been modified in accordance to the new Blue Zone balance