Rahul Kohli Wants to Star in The Wolf Among Us Adaptation

Rahul Kohli has shared his interest in playing Bigby Wolf in an adaptation of The Wolf Among Us. After a fan shared a side-by-side comparison of the actor and Bigby on Twitter, the Midnight Mass star stated that the character is on his wishlist, and he was a big fan of The Wolf Among Us. That Tweet drew the attention of Telltale Games, and while it doesn't seem like an adaptation is in the cards anytime soon, the developer clearly took note of Kohli's interest. Considering how many video games are seeing live-action adaptations right now, it certainly seems like a future possibility! 

Kohli's Tweet about The Wolf Among Us can be found embedded below.

Kohli's love for video games is no secret. The actor has frequently discussed his passion for gaming on social media, recently praising the Yakuza franchise (which actually just got a new name). Kohli has also brought his voice talents to video games like Gears 5, where he voiced Fahz Chutani. Fans will get to hear Kohli in another video game next month, when he'll be appearing as the voice of Ivo Shador in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed.

Like Telltale's other games, The Wolf Among Us released in an episodic format, with the first debuting in October 2013 and the finale releasing in July 2014. The game put players in the role of Bigby Wolf in a story set before the Fables comic series. A sequel is set to arrive in 2023, taking place six months after the events of the previous game. Given how much time has passed between releases, some fans might have forgotten some details, but Telltale Games has said that it aims to make the sequel friendly to newcomers. Kohli might be interested in taking on the role in a live-action movie, but the video game sequel will see the return of Bigby's original voice actor, Adam Harrington. Readers interested in learning more about the upcoming sequel can check out all of our previous coverage right here.

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