Ubisoft Shares Tips for Rainbow Six Siege's New Operators

Ubisoft is adding two more Operators to Rainbow Six Siege with a new video offering tips for [...]

Ubisoft is adding two more Operators to Rainbow Six Siege with a new video offering tips for getting started with the characters ahead of their release.

Maverick and Clash are the two Operators that are joining the Rainbow Six Siege roster as part of Operation Grim Sky, an attacker and defender, respectively, who bring two new innovative tools to the fight. The attacker has a blowtorch that lets him burn through obstacles to either cut down enemy equipment or create his own strategic entryways while the defender does the opposite with a riot shield designed to keep areas off-limits.

"Operation Grim Sky brings two new game-changing Operators to Team Rainbow. The attacker, Maverick, uses his Suri torch to burn holes in breakable surfaces and reinforced walls, while Clash's CCE shield and taser make her a formidable crowd-control defender," Ubisoft said about the new Operators.

The torch and the shield are just the tools that the Operators use, but how they're utilized will determine how a match plays out. Ubisoft's video above shares more tips on how to use the two Operators successfully with Maverick featured first before Ubisoft's Chris Watters moves on to Clash.

The Suri torch, as Watters explained, operates with limited fuel that allows for players to make various holes in any wall that they come across, even reinforced ones. While it's possible to make a hole big enough for players to sneak through, doing so will use up the majority of the fuel Maverick players have at their disposal.

"It'll take up nearly all of your torch's fuel to create a hole you can actually move through," Watters said, "but what Maverick excels at is cutting small, sneaky windows, creating sight lines nearly anywhere."

The video also offered tips for playing against Maverick as well. While he's burning through a wall, he has to get quite close and therefore has a limited field of vision. That means that sneaking up on him while he's busy is one way to take him out, but be warned that he has a claymore to defend himself.

Clash is the other Operator that's being added, a character who has a full-body riot shield. It's a first for Rainbow Six Siege with the riot shield equipped with a taser that slows and damage enemies. It's indestructible, but she has to put it on her back to equip a secondary weapon, and a melee attack will temporarily move the shield aside when she's hit.

The two new Operators are coming to Rainbow Six Siege at a later date with the start of Operation Grim Sky.