Rainbow Six Siege Shows Off New Operator, Teases Full Reveal

Ubisoft prepared Rainbow Six Siege players this week for the full reveal of the game's next Operator, a character from Singapore named "Grim." Grim will be the Operator added to Siege as part of Operation Brutal Swarm, the Operation which was named prior to this reveal in leaks that have now been proven accurate. We'll see the full reveal of the new character on August 21st, Ubisoft said, but similar to how we learned of the Operator's name already, there are already some details pertaining to his kit that have leaked.

The trailer below offered Siege players one of their best looks yet at the new Operator with Grim towering over someone who was presumably his target. More interesting than that are the bee-like drones buzzing around the scene, drones which the game's next Operation appears to be named after.

It's evident then that the drones are to be Grim's unique gadget, though we don't see what they actually do. Leaks, however, have attempted to clarify the purpose of those drones. One such leak appeared to show the whole how-to tutorial for using these drones alongside descriptions that show what they do. If that leak is to be believed, the drones are dispensed from canisters hidden inside of the "Kawan Hive" which can be shot at and stuck to surfaces

Opponents who pass through this swarm of drones are pinged several times to reveal their location. There's no mentioning in the leaks of these drones dealing damage in any way, so they appear to be used solely for information.

Ubisoft hasn't outright announced what Grim can do, however, so we've only got that to go off of for now. Other leakers who'd normally share things like loadouts and such have had their accounts targeted and taken down in some cases, so it looks like we won't get quite as much pre-reveal information about Grim.

The good news is that players won't have to wait much longer for that reveal. As usual, Ubisoft tied its Grim reveal to an esports event. You'll have to tune into the Six Berlin Major 2022's Finals on August 21st at 4:30 a.m. PT to see the reveal, but you can always just catch up on the news afterwards since it'll be posted on social media soon after.