Rainbow Six Siege Video Reveals the Showdown Event's Best Plays

Rainbow Six Siege’s Showdown Throwdown event has come to a close which means that one of the two factions has been selected as the winner. The Law won out over the Graveltop Gang during this event, though the victory wasn’t a total one-sided win. More Rainbow Six Siege players joined the side of The Law for the event which means that 10 players who aligned with that group and presented Ubisoft with the best plays they could muster have earned the complete Showdown Collection of loot.

Ubisoft announced the start of the contest alongside the big Showdown event itself nearly two weeks ago with the submission period ended on July 9th. Considering how many submissions there were for each side – the split was 54% for The Law and 46% for the Graveltop Gang, for those keeping track – chances are slim that you’d be one of the people chosen for the 10 Showdown Collection prizes. Those who did win have already been contacted, so you would’ve known by now if you were a winner.

“At the end of the Showdown Throwdown competition, we’ll be rounding up all the submissions and the team that comes out on top will have 10 winners selected to be gifted with the complete Showdown limited-event collection!” Ubisoft said about the contest when it was initially announced.


For those who didn’t win though, you can still take some time to appreciate the top plays that won their submitters the prizes. The video above shows several from different players who shared the clips on social media and either aligned themselves with The Law or the Graveltop Gang. Winners were picked based on the quality and level of the gameplay as well as how entertaining the plays were overall.

If you saw a moment in the video that you found particularly entertaining, you can see the full list of winners through Ubisoft’s latest update on the contest to keep up with the players and potentially see more clips like these.

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