New Rampage Trailer Confirms the Wolf's Name, Hints the Alligator Could Be Next

Just days after Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson showed off a new ass-kicking trailer for the movie, [...]

Just days after Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson showed off a new ass-kicking trailer for the movie, Warner Bros. has debuted yet another spot for the forthcoming Rampage, this time focusing specifically on a specific "monster" in the film – and hinting that another could get a chance in the spotlight next.

The trailer, which is brief but filled with action, shows Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character talking about how it's a "hell of a day," with Johnson's friend George, an enlarged gorilla, running around "on the loose."

But then it turns its focus to the large wolf, which begins running through the forest before lunging at a helicopter in mid-air, causing it to spin out of control just seconds later.

Morgan's character finally confirms the name of this wolf, saying "weirdos on the Internet" are "calling him Ralph."

Ralph was also the name of the wolf character in the Rampage video game, so this makes perfect sense. And, for good measure, we get to see him growl at a smaller dog, sending him running off in a frenzy.

"It's clever," Johnson's character mutters.

But then the trailer takes an interesting turn, with Johnson's cohort, played by Naomie Harris, pointing out "something in the river," only to see the alligator surface as Johnson notes, "I was just thinking, the only thing that's missing right now is a giant crocodile."

Now, the crocodile isn't named in the trailer, but we have a feeling a new clip could be introduced in the days ahead, confirming that its name is, in fact, Lizzie.

The original Lizzie from the Rampage game was more of a lizard, not a crocodile, but we're sure it'll be given the name regardless. And maybe, once more, Morgan will point out that "weirdos on the Internet" gave her that name. (We're dependable like that.)

You can watch the trailer above, and prepare for monster madness, when Brad Peyton's Rampage hits theaters on April 13.

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