'Ready Player One' Mortal Kombat Cameo Ends With Shocking 'Alien' Twist

Ready Player One is all about the feel-good nostalgia and over-the-top action sequences, but there [...]


Ready Player One is all about the feel-good nostalgia and over-the-top action sequences, but there were still a few scenes that made us jump out of our skin! Spielberg's pop culture epic is absolutely drenched with video game Easter eggs -- our favorites can be found here -- but there was one in particular that features Goro from Mortal Kombat, and it does not end well for our four-armed friend.

After Wade wins the first key in the search for the ultimate Easter egg, he becomes an instant celebrity. He walks into a public meeting hub in The Oasis following his victory, and is immediately swarmed with droves of new fans who want to take pictures with him and be near him. This is where Goro enters the scene, huge and intimidating.

Goro drags Wade away from the crowds with his brutish strength and tells him that he can't just go anywhere he pleases now; especially now that he's a celebrity. He takes Wade into a secret room and confronts him. There we see Goro, the legendary warrior of Mortal Kombat lore, and without warning a massive bump begins to stir in his chest. Tension builds, and the theater goes quiet as something clearly begins to craw around inside of Goro, and then it happens: Sploosh! An infant xenomorph explodes out of Goro's chest like something straight out of an Alien movie, and blood and guts go everywhere!

The audience audibly yelped and laughed when it happened, and the shrieks and groans continued as the xenomorph continued to devour Goro's body in a straight line from his chest, up through his neck, over his chin, and all the way up to the crown of his head! That's when you realize that it was just a Goro costume being "unzipped" in the grossest way imaginable, and inside we find Samantha, or "Artemis" as she's known in The Oasis.

The whole scene was utterly bizarre, and had the entire theater quietly chatting under their breath right after it happened. We couldn't believe it, and it's definitely one of the grossest scenes in the film. Did you jump when it happened? Let us know what you thought of the infamous Goro and xenomorph scene in the comments below!