Red Dead Online Update Gives Players Extra Capitale, XP, and More

Red Dead Online's latest update includes the usual gauntlet of rewards, bonuses, and incentives for players to partake in throughout the week, but this time, the contents of the weekly update have lined up in a particularly agreeable way. Some of the game's best bonuses like more experience, extra Capitale, and perhaps best of all, free fast travels, have all aligned this week to give players reasons to play until the next update drops.

Rockstar Games published its weekly update blog on Tuesday just as it does every week to show what's new in the game this time. Things like The Bluewater Contract and The Cornwall Contract are giving out twice the XP and twice the RDO$, but those types of mode-based bonuses are given out every week. What you really need to do if you want some extra XP, however, is play with friends. Rockstar said it's giving out an extra 20% XP bonus for Posses this week which stacks on top of the normal bonus to give players 30% more XP than they'd usually get.

This bonus coincides with another incentive that makes completing missions even easier: The free fast travel. Instead of paying to move about the map, whenever you're completing certain group activities, you can just fast travel at no extra cost.

"When you're dealing with undesirables, working together may well be its own reward, but this week all Posse Members will also receive an added 20% XP Boost — on top of the usual bonus — for group activities like Blood Money Missions, Free Roam Missions, Free Roam Events, and Bounty Missions," Rockstar said. "Plus, all Fast Travel Fees are waived."

Whether working together with one another is your kind of thing or not, you'll be getting extra Capitale this week in Red Dead Online. More of that resource will be given out based on what rank you are in the game, so those somewhere near the different rank brackets outlined below have until next week's update around September 27th to move up in order to receive more Capitale.


"All players will receive bonus Capitale based on their recorded Rank at the end of September 27," Rockstar said. "Those Rank 5 and below will receive 10 Capitale, those between Ranks 6 and 50 will receive 15 Capitale, and those Rank 51 and above will receive 20 Capitale."

Red Dead Online's latest update is now available across all platforms.