'Resident Evil 2' New Game Plus Mode And More Seemingly Leaked

.Of course, it all should be taken with a grain of salt. Leaked information isn't official [...]

resident evil 2 girl
(Photo: Capcom)

According to a new leak, a graphical and design overhaul isn't the only way Capcom is modernizing Resident Evil 2, it is also bringing it in line with modern day releases with additional features.

Since the "One Shot" demo of Resident Evil 2 released yesterday, the demo files have been made available via the PC version and courtesy of a HEX editor and the demo's EXE. And as a result, some interesting tidbits around the game have surfaced (Spoiler Territory ahead).

In the files of the game's demo there is interestingly mention of not just the individual Leon and Claire playthroughs, but of individual "Leon A" and "Leon B," as well as "Claire A" and Claire B." There's also a direct reference to a new game plus mode.

At the moment of publishing, a new game plus mode has not been announced, but the idea that the game has one isn't unfathomable. After all, the most recent Resident Evil release -- Resident Evil 7 -- featured a new game plus mode, so it makes sense this would to, even if it's a remake of a game that didn't.

And when you consider how short the game is, five to seven hours long, a new game plus mode seems like something you may want to offer, especially if you're asking for $60 when many remakes ask for less.

Interestingly, the files also make numerous references to a mode called "Rogue," with mentions of a costume select, rankings, a shop system, and more. However, it's possible this is just RE.net's stat trackers, but it also could be the big new mode Capcom has previously been teasing.

And perhaps the last particularly interesting tidbit is mention of a camera select option when starting a new game. Sadly, this is pretty vague, and it's hard to really make any worthwhile conclusions on what it means.

Anyway, there's plenty more in the files, such as all the different characters, weapons, difficulty modes, and much more. You can check it out all out right here, courtesy of ResetEra (if you scroll down a few comments there's more).

Of course, it all should be taken with a grain of salt. Leaked information isn't official information, and in this specific case, who knows if the assumptions made from the leaked files are accurate. Plus, it's possible some, if not all, of these files are development leftovers and not in the final game. However, everything leaked is 100 percent verifiable. You can double check for yourself by checking out the EXE.

Resident Evil 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and is scheduled to release worldwide on January 25.

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