Resident Evil 2 Remake May Be On The Horizon This Month

Take this with a grain of salt, but it looks like something is about to happen with the Resident [...]

(Photo: Capcom)

Take this with a grain of salt, but it looks like something is about to happen with the Resident Evil franchise. The series' second game celebrates its 20th anniversary on January 21st, and a very recent switch in company branding on social media is beginning to tip off a few hopeful fans of the franchise.

Earlier today, all of the Resident Evil social media accounts switched icons to include a new, familiar logo. While Resident Evil very rarely changes its logo font, small variations from game to game can be noticed by the careful eye. This particular logo looks a whole like like the one for Resident Evil 2, despite being laid over graphics from the franchise's latest game.


Pair this with ongoing rumors of a Resident Evil 2 remake, and things get exciting. A few days ago, one observant Twitter user noticed a change in the series' official Japanese listings online. The social media banners for Resident Evil/Biohazard have changed, leaving a big, wide open space for what might be an unannounced game. With the anniversary so close and the familiar logo update, it's understandable why players are jumping the gun on this one.

originally released on January 21st, 1998 for the first PlayStation Console. The game introduced players to new heroes Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who would go on to be some of the most popular characters in the franchise. A remastered version would open up the door for gorgeous and terrifying new graphics, plus some much needed re-recording of the game's somewhat faulty, dated, but perfectly corny script. Resident Evil 2 is one of the more well-known entries in the franchise, and the game's wide-ranging fan base can attest to that.

For now, though, there's no official confirmation on what the graphic changes mean. It could be a simply update, but as we grow closer to the 21st, it's probably smart to keep an eye on those social accounts for updates.

(H/T Resetera, Game Rant)