Resident Evil Outrage May Have Been Cancelled by Capcom

Last year saw the release of Resident Evil: Village, the eighth main series entry in Capcom's beloved franchise. Naturally, there's a lot of curiosity among fans regarding what comes next for the survival-horror series, and there have been several projects rumored to be in development. One of those rumored projects has been Resident Evil Outrage, a multiplayer game for PC, as well as PlayStation and Xbox platforms. However, it would seem that particular project may have been cancelled. That reporting comes from leaker Nate the Hate, who pointed out that the game was a separate project from the long-rumored Nintendo Switch Resident Evil game.

"Last year, I went on RGT 85's channel, and I shared that Resident Evil Outrage is no longer a project. Resident Evil Outrage also was never 'Resident Evil Switch.' Resident Evil Outrage was a multiplayer, multiplatform game for PlayStation, Xbox, I believe PC. Resident Evil for Switch was Revelations 3. Or was supposed to be Revelations 3. The title may still be in development. The problem is it is a very elusive game. Details on it have been very difficult to come by."

There has been a lot of confusion among leakers between these two Resident Evil projects, so it's interesting to see some clarification. The Resident Evil Revelations spin-off series started on Nintendo 3DS, before expanding to other platforms. A third entry in the series would make a lot of sense on Switch, especially considering the massive success Capcom has had with Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo system.

Resident Evil is Capcom's second-biggest franchise, behind only Monster Hunter. It seems like a safe bet that the publisher won't leave fans waiting too long for information on the future of the series. Of course, readers should keep in mind that these are only rumors as of this writing, and plans are constantly changing in the video game industry. Resident Evil Outrage and Resident Evil Revelations 3 were never officially announced to begin with, so it's hard to say for sure if either or both have been cancelled. For now, fans will just have to wait and see!

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