One Resident Evil Re:Verse Setting May Reassure Skeptics

Capcom revealed a new Resident Evil project recently when it unveiled Resident Evil Re:Verse as [...]

Capcom revealed a new Resident Evil project recently when it unveiled Resident Evil Re:Verse as the company's next multiplayer project in the franchise. Aside from being critical of the game based on how past multiplayer Resident Evil games like Resident Evil Resistance had been handled, some weren't big on the graphics style of the game either which featured what many considered to be a comic book-style filter that changed how the established characters looked. Fortunately for those who may have been skeptical of that part of the game, it looks like it's setting that can be turned off, not a required display option.

News of the option to turn off the "comic" filter came from Resident Evil Re:Verse gameplay that was shared shortly after the game's beta went live. Those who played the game and shared their thoughts and experiences with it uploaded clips to YouTube to show what the game looked like in action. Several of those videos from the Biohazard Declassified channel (via Destructoid) had notices in the videos' titles that the comic filter was turned on which indicated there was an "off" option. Through gameplay uploaded by channels like the KendoGunSop Survival Horror account shown below, we can see what the game looks like without that filter applied.

That alone may still not be enough to sell people on the multiplayer project if you're not big on the gameplay itself, but it should at least reassure those who were skeptical because of the graphics alone. The comic filter may grow on people overtime as well, but it'll take a while for the common sentiment to emerge since the game is only available in beta form right now.

The game itself will be part of the Resident Evil Village package just like Resident Evil: Resistance was included in the Resident Evil 3 remake, so there's really no risk involved with the game if you were planning on getting Village anyway. It appears as though buying Village is the only way to play the multiplayer game, so if you're more into the idea of Re:Verse, you'll have to get Village to try it out unless something changes.

Unlike Re:Verse's demo, Village's trial is a bit more accessible since it doesn't require you to be a part of any special Resident Evil program. All you have to have is a PlayStation 5 which does rule out a lot of users, but if you meet that requirement, you can download the Maiden demo now.