Resident Evil Re:Verse Multiplayer Game Revealed

Capcom announced Resident Evil Re:Verse during its Resident Evil Showcase on Thursday where it [...]

Capcom announced Resident Evil Re:Verse during its Resident Evil Showcase on Thursday where it gave us a first look at the franchise's new multiplayer project. Resident Evil Re:Verse will be included in the Resident Evil Village package as the game's multiplayer component, Capcom confirmed. The reveal of the multiplayer game followed a leak from earlier in the day that first revealed the game's existence and that it would be bundled with Village prior to Capcom's official announcement.

First shown during the Resident Evil Showcase, Re:Verse has a much different look to it from the art style itself to the way that players interact with one another. As shown in the key art shared below, it features characters not only from the modern Resident Evil games like Resident Evil Biohazard but also ones from older games like Resident Evil 2, though it appears the remade versions of the characters will be used. Everyone from Leon S. Kennedy to Ada Wong to Lucas Baker is included in the game.

In Re:Verse, players will control these characters and face off against one another in a six-person deathmatch mode. Characters at times are transformed into different mutated creatures and able to attack others that way, though it's unclear from the teaser exactly how those features will be implemented.

With Re:Verse now unveiled and confirmed to be included with Village, the multiplayer game establishes a trend, albeit one that's quite new, with Capcom's mainline Resident Evil releases. Back when the Resident Evil 3 remake was released in 2020, the multiplayer experience known as Resident Evil Resistance was included with the main game. With this new multiplayer project announced, that's now two new games in a row that have gotten multiplayer add-ons.

In Resident Evil Resistance, players would control a team of four survivors while a fifth player controlled a Mastermind as the teams battled against one another. That multiplayer mode was only included in the Resident Evil 3 purchase and was not available as a standalone experience.

It was also confirmed during the event that this multiplayer project is the one that Capcom is holding a demo for. The first of those closed beta sessions is scheduled to take place on January 28th.

Resident Evil Village itself expectedly took up much of the Resident Evil Showcase as the next main Resident Evil game that's scheduled to release among other projects. This new game will see players once again controlling Ethan Winters, the protagonist from Resident Evil Biohazard, as he encounters things like vampires, werewolves, and apparently a much darker version of Chris Redfield.

Resident Evil Re:Verse will get its closed beta later in the month and will be included with all Resident Evil Village purchases.