Rian Johnson Plays Pokemon Go on the Set of Poker Face

Pokémon Go is a fan-favorite augmented reality mobile game by Niantic that took the world by storm back in 2016. The game is still going strong, and it has some pretty impressive fans, including Rian Johnson, the director best known for Looper, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Knives Out, and more. The release of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is only a few months away, but Johnson is already working on another mystery-themed project. Production is currently underway for Johnson's upcoming Peacock TV series, Poker Facea show that the Academy Award-nominee calls "a case-of-the-week mystery series." This week, Johnson took to Twitter to show off a picture from the show's set, and it features a surprise appearance from Rhyperior. 

"Back on the Poker Face set and it's going great," Johnson wrote. The show's star, Natasha Lyonne, commented with a fun photo of her own. "This is what I'm dealing with," she joked. You can check out the posts below:

Earlier this month, Niantic laid out the plans for Pokémon Go's next community day with the upcoming event scheduled for September 18th. Like other community days, this one will focus on a particular Pokemon (Roggenrola). The event will also be accompanied by another Special Research story accessible via tickets as well as several event bonuses that'll last for the whole day. You can learn more about the event here. 

As for Poker Face, Lyonne recently spoke with Variety and called Johnson a "full-blown humble genius," and teased that the series  "somehow feels both incredibly modern and a perfect throwback to all our favorite things." Johnson also opened up to the outlet about the role and Lyonne's place in it, specifically talking about her character's style.

"'Poker Face' is a case-of-the-week mystery series, anchored entirely by Natasha as the 'detective,'" Johnson said. "The show was created around her, and the whole thing is tailored to Natasha like a bespoke suit. It could only exist with her charisma and presence at the center of it...She's got a very Fellini-type sensibility, where the funny and absurd is a way into the dark and personal. It's inspiring to me, seeing how unafraid she is to push further and further in that direction."

Stay tuned for more updates on Pokémon Go and Poker Face (although, probably not together).