This Rick and Morty Chess Set Is an Inter-Dimensional Showdown Between Good and Evil


USAOpoly (The OP Games) has released a Rick and Morty Collector's Chess set that they describe as an "inter-dimensional showdown between good and evil." There's nothing short of the fate of the multiverse at stake.

Indeed, King Rick and Queen Morty can be found on the "good" side with Beth and Summer as Bishops, Snuffles and Birdperson as Knights, Squanchy and Jerry as Rooks, and Mr. Meeseeks as Pawns. On the "evil" side we have Evil King Rick and Evil Queen Morty, Post-Apocalyptic Summer and Beth's Mytholog as Bishops, Snowball and Phoenix as Knights, Gearhead and Jerry's Mytholog as Rooks, and distressed Mr. Meeseeks as Pawns.


The fact that characters like Mr. Poopybutthole and Pickle Rick aren't included is a shame, but it's clear that they were trying to take a (mostly) balanced approach. All in all, fans will probably love the pieces. They look fantastic and appear to be loaded with detail.


The Rick and Morty Collector's Chess set is available to order here on Amazon (shipping now). The final five episodes of Rick and Morty Season 4 will air on Adult Swim sometime later this year.


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