Riot Games Will Improve the League of Legends Client Throughout 2020

Riot Games appears to have big plans for League of Legends throughout 2020 to work on different parts of the game, and one of the focuses will be on the client itself. It's the interface players have to open each time they play League, and though it's gotten new features in the past with more promised for the future, Riot's announcements are occasionally met with "fix the client" requests from players who are dissatisfied with some parts. Riot's first preview into the gameplay and ranked plans for 2020 specifically mentioned the client and some of the systems that'll be updated during the year.

Jeremy "Riot Brightmoon" Lee, the lead producer for gameplay on League, narrated the video above to go over some of the features and improvements to various parts of the game that players will see throughout 2020. At the 2:31 point in the video, the Rioter addressed the state of the client.

"One thing that can get in the way of a great League experience is when the client doesn't do what it's supposed to," Lee said. "The team spent most of 2019 digging into the causes of performance and client issues, and we're looking forward to rolling out improvements across the client this year."

The Rioter continued to name some of the specific parts of the client that will be updated this year while also mentioning an engine upgrade that's said to have helped some players since the change was made.

"The first targets are champion select, client load times, and the overall performance and speed of the client," Lee continued. "We recently upgraded the client the engine runs on, and we've seen that make a meaningful impact for some players, but we still have a lot more coming."


Some features mentioned in the video such as the return of ARURF and the official, hopefully functional debut of Clash came with timeframes for when to expect them, but there was no mention of release windows for these client features. This means we'll have to wait until Riot is ready to talk more about them before we know what's happening, so keep an eye out for client-related League updates in the future.