Saints Row Announcement Teased for Gamescom

A new Saints Row teaser appeared online this week just a couple of days before the Gamescom [...]

A new Saints Row teaser appeared online this week just a couple of days before the Gamescom festivities get underway. The teaser that's gone live on the Saints Row website alongside comments from Gamescom's Opening Night Live host Geoff Keighley suggest that we'll soon be hearing more about a new Saints Row project, and if the teaser itself is any indication of what's to come, it could very well be a reboot of the series.

Keighley shared the tweet below on Friday to advertise the Opening Night Live portion of Gamescom that he's associated with while teasing some of the announcements planned for this year. The link provided in his tweet takes people to the Saints Row website which is pretty much devoid of anything but a brick wall, some artwork, and the word "Rebooting" found next to the Saints Row logo. For those who can't be bothered to visit the site itself, you can see what the Saints Row scene looks like from the clip included in the tweet below.

As usual, there's also a place on the Saints Row site where people can sign up for updates so that they don't miss out on whatever's announced. If you want to see things as they're actually revealed, however, you'll apparently want to tune into the Opening Night Live show when it takes place on August 25th.

It's been years and years now since the last Saints Row game was released with Saints Row IV released in 2013, so players have been waiting on this sort of announcement to come for a while now. Those anticipations for a new game were heightened even more whenever it was confirmed earlier in the year that Saints Row would be one of several Deep Silver series that wouldn't be present at any E3 2021 events. The announcement that it'd be absent from E3 of course wasn't good news, but the fact that it was even referenced at all gave some hope for some sort of announcement to happen in near future if not at E3.

The Saints Row announcement, whatever it may be, is expected to happen sometime during Gamescom now, so be sure to tune into the announcements next week to see what the plans for the series are.