Rumor: Sea of Thieves Xbox Bundles Leak On Amazon

Next month, we’ll be able to sail the high seas of Rare’s forthcoming Sea of Thieves, which [...]

Sea of Thieves

Next month, we'll be able to sail the high seas of Rare's forthcoming Sea of Thieves, which has gotten a pretty good build-up through the Xbox community for some time. And it looks like Microsoft is preparing for its arrival accordingly, as the company could be prepping a couple of bundles in time for its release.

Two bundle listings have been listed on one of Amazon's international pages, suggesting that there will be different options available when it comes to picking up a game alongside a copy of the system. It appears to be a physical copy of the game, and there's one for Xbox One, as well as one for Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X bundle in question can be found here, going for somewhere around 534.89 in Euro cost. It includes a 1TB Xbox One X console, along with controller and hook-ups, and a copy of the game. If Microsoft did sell that bundle in the U.S., there's a pretty good chance it would go for $499, although nothing is finalized just yet.

The second bundle can be found here, and includes a 1TB Xbox One S system, along with a copy of the game packaged in. It appears to be a physical copy as well, although that could change depending on how it's sold. A price wasn't given on this bundle, but it's likely to be more around the range of $299, although, again, nothing is finalized just yet.

These bundles are slightly disappointing in design, going with more general Xbox systems, instead of relying on the savvy design we've seen from Sea of Thieves peripherals that have been making the rounds. That said, though, if Microsoft can price them just right, they'll have no problem moving more units out the door.

Microsoft hasn't said a word about a U.S. release for these bundles yet, but considering how it hypes its first party releases, it wouldn't surprise us if they announced them. We'll see what comes around over the next month or so before the game eventually becomes available.

Sea of Thieves will release on March 20, 2018 for Xbox One and Windows 10.