Can't Find a SNES Classic Edition? The SupaRetroN HD Is Now Available to Pre-Order

Can't find that SNES Classic Edition anywhere? We can't either, and believe me, we've been trying to find those for you guys. Hell, we've been trying to find them for ourselves! Just because the SNES Mini is running in short supply, that doesn't mean you have to come away empty handed this holiday season. Hyperkin has your back, and pre-orders for the SupaRetroN HD have gone live on Amazon! You can find the link right here.

Hyperkin's console is a little different from what Nintendo has on offer, and in many ways, it has some features that fans can't find in the SNES Classic Edition. The SupRetroN HD's main feature is the fact that it actually plays Super Nintendo cartridges. This model is compatible with NTSC and PAL cartridges, so import collectors can play their entire collection on a single device, which is nice.

This means that you'll only be able to play the Super Nintendo games that you actually own; this won't come pre-loaded with a bunch of games like Nintendo's mini console does. It does, however, upscale all of your games beautifully to your HD TV. It features HD video (720p) and audio, with a 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio switch. It will also accept real Super Nintendo controllers, so you can dig those bad boys out of your "childhood" box in the attic and put them to good use. Here's the official product blurb:

"Aw snap! The 90s are back with the reddest console to hit your crib. The SupaRetroN HD is 16 bits of high definition nostalgia, letting you play your SNES (NTSC and PAL) or Super Famicom cartridges in crisp and vibrant 720p HD. It includes TWO premium classic-style controllers, a 3 ft. HD cable (supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio), and a 6 ft. Micro USB charge cable. You can even play via AV with the provided AV cable. There's no doubt the SupaRetroN HD is a proper celebration of the past and future of retro video games. Dust off those carts and get to work!"

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