SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Celebrates the Ikari Warriors With New Trailer

Long before SNK made a name for itself with the Neo-Geo, it was the producer of various classic [...]

Long before SNK made a name for itself with the Neo-Geo, it was the producer of various classic arcade games. This includes Ikari Warriors, a co-op infused run-and-gun shooter that made the rounds in arcades and on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 80's.

And now everything is coming full circle, as SNK and NIS America has released a new trailer for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection that celebrates all things Ikari.

In the trailer, which you can see above, SNK chronicles the three entries that were included in the Ikari trilogy. This includes the original Warriors that started it all, along with Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road and Ikari III: The Rescue. As you can see, the forthcoming Nintendo Switch 40th Anniversary compilation will include both the arcade and home versions of all three games, in case you're feeling a vibe for the NES games.

Here's the official description for the games straight from the company's press release:

Shoot-em-ups were all the rage in '80s, and in 1986, SNK launched Ikari Warriors, a game that took guerrilla carnage to a new level of lunacy! In this game, the player assumed the roles of two muscly men named Ralf Jones and Clark Steel (King of Fighters, anyone?), who were blasting and mowing down enemy forces in a South American jungle to save their commanding officer.

After the success of Ikari Warriors, there were two more entries in the series that took Ralf and Clark on further adventures, Victory Road (1988) and Ikari III: The Rescue (1990). Each of these titles brought a unique focus to the gameplay. Victory Road focused on the use of guns and explosives, while Ikari III: The Rescue brought more attention to hand-to-hand combat.

While some fans feel that the first Warriors game is the most noteworthy (and they're right), it's great to see all three games get some love on the Switch front. Plus, with the local support, you can team up with a friend and deliver double the damage to enemies. We can't wait to lob a few grenades their way.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection releases for Nintendo Switch on November 13!