Sonic Frontiers Gets Free DLC and a Big Sale

Sonic the Hedgehog fans got two bits of good news this week in regards to Sonic Frontiers, news that's beneficial both to those who already play the game as well as those who haven't yet gotten it. The game's getting yet another instance of free DLC for players to download, Sega announced this week, and that DLC is already available. If you don't yet have the game but you're interested in trying it out, the newest Sonic game is also on sale through several different retailers at a pretty significant discount.

First, for those who have the game already, free DLC should be nothing new by now since DLC has been releasing as early as one week after the game's launch. This time, the Sonic Frontiers DLC consists of the festive "Holiday Cheer Suit" which essentially puts Sonic in a Santa outfit that matches his red shoes. The DLC was announced late Tuesday night, and it was made available at the same time for players to claim.

But what if you don't have Sonic Frontiers just yet? If you don't, now's not a bad time to shop around given that it's $20 off through several retailers. GameStop, for example, is selling the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation versions of the game for $39.99 which is hardly a bad deal at all considering that it just came out last month. The game is also on sale over on Steam for $41.99, but that sale is scheduled to expire pretty soon.

For those wondering what the future of Sonic Frontiers looks like and whether or not it's worthwhile to invest in the game now, a roadmap released not long ago paints a better picture as to what's planned. Several updates have already been laid out for 2023 including ones that add things like a photo mode, new races and challenges to pursue, and one big one coming later in the year that includes new playable characters as well as another story to pursue. You can also check out our review of the game here to see how the game held up at launch and what you can expect from it right now.