Sonic Rangers Is Potentially the Name of the 2022 Sonic Game

Just a few days back, Sega teased that it was in the process of developing a new Sonic the [...]

Just a few days back, Sega teased that it was in the process of developing a new Sonic the Hedgehog game that is planned to launch in 2022. The company didn't have much to say about the project as a whole and outside of confirming this release window and the planned platforms that it will arrive on, nothing else was stated. However, in the wake of this reveal trailer coming about, it now looks like the game's potential title has now leaked.

Found within the metadata of the new Sonic video game teaser, a few key details seem to have now been revealed. The most notable of these pieces of information is in regards to the name of the game itself, which seems to be Sonic Rangers. This name is one that is found over 200 times within the data, definitely seeming to indicate that this is the title that Sega is moving forward with. Not to mention, as Eurogamer notes, one version of an early press release that Sega sent out earlier this week specifically referred to Sonic Rangers in name, before later wiping it away.

The fact that Sonic Rangers clearly looks to be the name of the next game in the series definitely raises questions about why Sega didn't choose to just disclose the name itself in the reveal trailer. While it might have a larger strategy at hand when it comes to showing off this new installment, it does seem quite odd that Sega wouldn't have just given fans a proper name to go off of when teasing this new project.

Still, there is always the chance that Sonic Rangers doesn't end up becoming the next game in the series. Even though Sega is clearly using this title quite a bit internally, perhaps a finalized title hasn't been decided on just yet. Still, data leaks like this one prove to be pretty accurate more often than not, so it's a safe bet that this is what the next Sonic title will actually be called. Sega as a whole has yet to comment on the leak as well.

For now, all we know about this potential Sonic Rangers game is that it's going to launch next year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC. More information should be coming in the next few months though, so keep an eye out over that time.