New Sonic Video Game Announced From Sonic Team

During today's Sonic the Hedgehog anniversary stream, Sega gave fans a brief teaser trailer for [...]

During today's Sonic the Hedgehog anniversary stream, Sega gave fans a brief teaser trailer for the next 3D game in the series. Developed by Sonic Team, today's announcement marks the first flagship game since Sonic Forces, which released back in 2017. A title for the new game hasn't been announced just yet, but Sega has confirmed that it will release on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2022. Unfortunately, with the game still quite far off, it might be a little bit longer before any additional information is revealed.

A trailer for the game can be found at the end of the stream, which has been embedded at the top of this page.

The trailer does provide some small teases about the game. We can see Sonic speeding through a forest, but there's a hint that this place might be more than it appears. As Sonic speeds through the wooded area, we can see strange colors appearing and disappearing behind him. It almost looks like circuitry, or a hint at some new ability. As the shot pans to an overhead perspective, we can see Sonic is running in some kind of strange pattern.

It wouldn't be unheard of for Sonic to have some kind of new ability. A lot of Sonic's 3D games have added to the character's power set, or featured a game-specific gimmick. Some of these games, like Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, have become fan favorites. However, titles like Sonic Forces and Sonic Unleashed have been less beloved. It's far too early to tell which category the next Sonic the Hedgehog game will fall under, but hopefully the game will prove worth the wait for fans of the franchise.

Sega should have a lot more to show from the game in the near future! Unfortunately, it's unclear whether the new Sonic game will release in the first half of 2022 or the second half. If it's the latter, it could be a while before Sega has more to reveal, so fans will just have to be patient, for now.

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