Sonic Superstars Makes Sonic's Original Rabbit Design Playable

The design was revealed alongside an October 17th release date for Sonic Superstars.

At Gamecom Opening Night Live, Sega revealed that Sonic Superstars will be releasing on October 17th. When it does, fans will have a choice between a standard edition and a digital deluxe edition, and the latter will have some very cool incentives. The digital deluxe edition will include a LEGO Fun Pack, which will have LEGO skins for Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. There will also be bonus mech parts for the game's battle mode, a digital art book, bonus main menu wallpapers, a digital artbook and a mini soundtrack. As leaked yesterday, it will also include a Rabbit skin for Sonic based on the character's early designs by Naoto Ohshima!

The digital deluxe edition contents can be seen in a new trailer, which is embedded below.

In the early days of the Sega Genesis, the company was looking to create a mascot character that could rival the popularity of Mario. Obviously, that character ended up being Sonic, but Ohshima first came up with a rabbit-inspired design before Sega settled on making him a hedgehog instead. That move clearly turned out to be for the best, but seeing the original design in a video game should make a lot of fans happy! From the trailer, it appears that the rabbit skin's appearance will be very similar to the design by Ohshima. Ohshima is serving as the director on Sonic Superstars, which might have been the reason that the skin is finally making an appearance!

The LEGO skins for Tails, Knuckles, and Amy join previously revealed options for Sonic and Dr. Eggman. The LEGO Fun Pack will be sold separately from the digital deluxe edition, giving fans an option to purchase it if they want a different version of the game. The designs are all based on the recent wave of LEGO sets, which released on August 1st. Several different sets are now available, and LEGO released a video promoting the collaboration, with LEGO Eggman wreaking havoc on the company's headquarters in Denmark.

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