Sega Promises Sonic the Hedgehog News Every Month This Year

Sega is going to be sharing news about Sonic the Hedgehog every month for the rest of the year, the company said with the announcement of its new project. This project is called "Sonic 2020" and was revealed by Sega on January 20th alongside some more details and some artwork. The Sonic the Hedgehog community can expect to see the news from Sega released on the 20th of every month throughout 2020, though we don't yet know what kinds of reveals these will be.

Gematsu translated Sega's announcement which included things like keyart from the Sonic 2020 project. New Twitter cover photos and profile icons in case anyone wants to outfit their social media pages with Sonic along with wallpapers for your desktops or mobile devices. There's some talk of Sonic fan art being featured by Sega as well which shouldn't be hard to fine giving how much fanart is out there from the Sonic fandom.

To keep up with all the announcements as they happen, it appears as though the Sonic 2020 news will be catalogued through Sega's Sonic Channel. The first of those announcements is already there, but the announcement itself is about the launch of the Sonic 2020 project. We'll have to wait until February 20th to see the next news coming from the project with more announcements expected to come every 20th of the month afterwards.

Sonic the Hedgehog has dashed into pretty much every medium that it can possibly touch, so the announcements throughout the year could include a wide range of content from comics to animation to games to movies. The next big Sonic the Horizon product on the horizon is the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie from Paramount that mixes live-action scenes with CGI just as Detective Pikachu did. That movie is scheduled to release on February 14th though, so it looks like it'll miss the date for February's Sonic news by just a few days. We've gotten behind-the-scenes photos and other teasers for the movie here and there though, so it seems those and perhaps another trailer or TV spot will have to suffice until the movie is out.


The announcement also said we'll see Sonic the Hedgehog events throughout the year, though it's unclear what they'll be about or what their regional availability will be like.