Sony Shocks CES With the Reveal of New Electric Car

Today, Sony shocked CES attendees with the reveal of the Vision-S, it's new electric and autonomous car. According to the Sony, the electric sedan is an example of Sony's various expertise coming together to create something entirely new from the megalithic Japanese tech conglomerate. According to the company best known for PlayStation, the car features over 33 different camera sensors, both inside and outside the car. There's also Sony's new 360 audio tech, which Sony claims provides a truly immersive audio experience. Beyond this, Sony boss Kenichiro Yoshida notes that it has widescreen displays, human-machine interfaces, always-on connectivity, and even innards from other leading companies, such as Bosch and BlackBerry.

For now, the car is nothing more than a concept, but Yoshida notes it represents the company's commitment to, and vision for, the world of mobility. As you can see, the outside of the car is pretty clean and not that unusual. In fact, it almost looks like the baby of a Tesla and Porsche. However, the inside features a more unique look, and certainly gives off a futuristic vibe, especially with its dashboard screen.

Made in collaboration with Magna, it's currently unclear if Sony plans on bringing the car to market or if it's simply a showpiece of sorts. For now, Sony is simply referring to it as a concept, suggesting that even if it's market bound, we may not be seeing it for awhile.

In terms of gaming, there's not much relevance other than that maybe we'll see the car in the next Gran Turismo, which hasn't been confirmed, but is suspected to be a PS5 launch title this holiday.


Whatever the case, the reveal came out of the left field and was certainly one of the biggest moments of the technology show. And I reckon if the car does indeed come to market, many will look back at this moment as one of the biggest technology moments of 2020.

H/T, The Verge.