Sony Shows Off Futuristic PlayStation Controller Concept

What could a PlayStation controller look like 10 years from now?

The PlayStation 5 has its DualSense controller which already boasts some notable upgrades compared to its predecessor, but what might a controller for the PlayStation 6 or PlayStation 7 look like? Sony entertained that very question this week by showing off a very futuristic concept for a PlayStation controller. This naturally shouldn't be taken as a prediction for where Sony's head is at in terms of actual plans for PlayStation controllers, but it does at least show what kind of ideas Sony thinks could be possible in the future.

The futuristic PlayStation controller was featured in Sony's event held this week that was meant to showcase its long-term vision for the company in regards to exploring creative entertainment. This event included the video below that shows just over 2 minutes of footage and commentary about Sony's commitment to the future. Sony again tempered expectations by saying in the video's overview that everything shown within was the result of a "prototyping exercise" and that the content isn't directly related to existing products, but we can still see that the controller was clearly modeled after the general shape of a PlayStation controller.

This controller in question keeps the face buttons, directional pad, and the thumbsticks largely in the same place, but it completely ditches the middle of the device where the touchpad would be located. Instead, that's been replaced by a transparent, circular touch interface that combines both halves of the controller with a ring of light around it. Perhaps more shocking than that, the controller ditches the signature PlayStation face buttons entirely with no circles, triangles, squares, or crosses to be seen. It's just a jumble of lights instead.

You'll also notice that there's some sort of holographic screen being projected right above the controller, a screen that's presumably being put out there by the controller itself given the positioning. Other "products" in the video included a small device playing music and a long tablet-like device displaying a movie or a TV show. In each product, thin and minimal seemed to be the themes conveyed.


While this event was previously hyped to be something that might shed some light on the future of PlayStation and Sony Interactive Entertainment, it ended up looking a bit further ahead into the future than what's actually helpful for PlayStation users here and now. There's still a PlayStation Showcase rumored to take place soon, though Sony hasn't actually confirmed plans for that yet.