Sony of Europe Offering a Free Game With PlayStation Plus, Will the U.S. Get the Same?

Judging by what we’ve seen on international PlayStation Store fronts over the past week, Sony [...]

Far Cry 4

Judging by what we've seen on international PlayStation Store fronts over the past week, Sony could very well be planning a new business strategy when it comes to its PlayStation Plus program.

First reported over on the Portugal store – and then carried over to the European store – Sony is offering a deal for new PlayStation Plus subscribers, in which those who purchase a 12-month digital membership to the program will get a free game for their troubles.

That game is Far Cry 4, Ubisoft's open-world adventure that's one of the better received entries in the series. You'll battle your way through the world of Kyrat, taking on dangerous forces as you attempt to turn the tide back in the favor of the people. It's a terrific game, and one that can be bought for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

But if you're in either Europe or Portugal, you can get it on the house with a PlayStation Plus membership. We're not sure if this is a limited time offer or not, but it could be something that Sony offers more of in the future, in an effort to boost Plus subscriptions. Keep in mind, however, that this is only for new subscriptions. So if you try to renew, you won't get the game.

Now the only question is when it'll reach the United States. Neither Sony nor Ubisoft have said a word about it, but, considering that we're going to get an announcement for PlayStation Plus games any day now (maybe tomorrow?), Sony could very well reveal this deal as well, as an incentive to hop on board. But, then again, Sony might offer this as one of February 2018's freebies anyway, since Far Cry 5 is arriving in just a few weeks.

We'll let you know whatever the company announces over the next couple of days. But definitely don't miss out on Far Cry 4. It's one of the better open world games in Ubisoft's library, even with Far Cry 5 right around the corner. Especially for free.

Again, it's also available for other platforms, including Xbox One and PC.