Soul Calibur VI Announced, Trailer Revealed

Soul Calibur VI was revealed tonight during The Game Awards, and I just can't contain my excitement. Tekken 7 producer Motohiro Okubo will be leading the Bandai Namco team responsible for putting together the next installment in this legendary franchise, and Okubo-san, I think I speak for Soul Calibur fans everywhere when I say "good luck." Our expectations are so high. Check out the brand spankin' new reveal trailer above!

There isn't much we can derive from the trailer itself in terms of mechanics or roster, but we do get to see a couple of returning series stables. Mitsurugi and Sophitia are the stars of the trailer, and though I combed through some of the busier frames, I wasn't able to make out any additional characters. Nightmare and Siegfried are very likely going to be there, and I'm sure that series faithful can predict what will turn out to be a pretty accurate roster -- Kilik, Asteroth, Voldo, Cervatnes, Ivy, Talim -- there are some heroes we can count on.

It's a bit harder to speculate about new and returning mechanics. At one point Mitsie's sword is engulfed in flames, so we can assume that unblockable attacks are here to stay, but we're also seeing some consistent red lightning surrounding his blade as well as Sophitia's. This could simply be a strong, guard-smashing strike, or it could be something that is charged by parrying or blocking incoming blows.

One thing is certain: a Nintendo Switch version is not in the cards for now. Despite multiple rumors that the game would be coming to Switch, the trailer only indicates a PS4, Xbox One, and Steam version of Soul Calibur VI. I for one am hoping that that changes soon.

As soon as we learn more about Soul Calibur VI we'll let you know right away!