‘The Messenger’, ‘Downwell’ and ‘Minit’ Getting Physical Releases On Nintendo Switch

For those of you that like collecting physical releases of Nintendo Switch games, Special Reserve [...]

For those of you that like collecting physical releases of Nintendo Switch games, Special Reserve Games has a three pack of Devolver Digital games that you'll want to make room for.


The company announced earlier today that it has three titles coming our way in 2019 based on the developer's hit indie library. And one in particular has our attention, as it hasn't been announced for the platform yet.

That title is Downwell, a retro-style shooting game that previously debuted on PlayStation platforms and mobile devices. Released a couple of years ago, the game puts you in control of a human falling down a well, shooting at enemies in one direction (downward) as he descends further and further.

This indicates that Devolver Digital is getting ready to release the game soon, just as it has with other titles in its library, such as I Hate Running Backwards and Broforce. Now the real question is when.

The second game is Minit, which did come out earlier this year. This black-and-white Legend of Zelda-style adventure follows a character who literally lives a minute at a time, in the hopes of completing a lengthy quest. It sounds repetitive, but Minit has a lot more to offer than you might expect -- which makes it a worthy addition to your library.

Finally, there's The Messenger, which we reviewed earlier this year when it first came out. This 8-bit/16-bit style ninja adventure has you battling the odds through a number of intricately designed stages as you fight to stay alive and switch between design styles on the fly. It's easily one of this year's best action games, and well worth owning in physical form.
Release dates for the games haven't been given just yet, but Special Reserve is likely to announce those soon. And we'll also see some possible goodies thrown in for good measure, just as the company has been known to include in the past.

All three games are worth your time, especially if you're looking to bolster your Nintendo Switch game library without wearing out your memory card. We'll bring you further details on these releases -- as well as when Downwell will be available digitally -- as soon as they become available.

Meanwhile, you can check out The Messenger and Minit now digitally.