Spider-Man PS4 Lead Voice Actor Almost Rejected by Insomniac

We are on Spider-Man overload here at ComicBook and tell you what, it's a good problem to have. [...]


We are on Spider-Man overload here at ComicBook and tell you what, it's a good problem to have. Today has been a day of celebration for Marvel fans, learning so much about the latest title to swing its way over onto the PlayStation 4 this September. We learned about the upcoming costumes we'll see in-game, we now know Mary Jane is play-able, and so much more! Now, in addition to all of the wonderful knowledge bombs that have dropped on our heads today, we finally know who will be voicing Peter Parker himself and Naruto fans will be psyched!

Actor Yuri Lowenthal (RWBY, Final Fantasy, Naruto, Xenoblade, and so much more) recently sat down with Game Informer to talk about joining the cast and how it almost didn't happen!

Lowenthal was absolutely adorable during the interview, all smiles and fanboy happy. It's easy to tell that it wasn't just another role for him, it truly was something that he treasures - as he should! Point blank he said that simply waking up as Spider-Man was the best part of this entire experience and it's something that we think every Marvel fan can relate to. What's interesting, however, is that he wasn't a shoe-in for the part despite his impressive resume.

What many might not know is that this actually isn't the first time Lowenthal worked with Insomniac Games and initially, that counted against him. When considering him for the role, the actor stated that there was a lot of push back because he was involved with other projects and played a lead role in their previous title Sunset Overdrive. They were worried that he couldn't pull off a difference between the two vastly different characters. Luckily, he's a professional and is able to adapt and adapt he did!

Seeing his enthusiasm and genuine excitement over his role has us even more hyped. There is so much to love about the game already and there is so much left to uncover! To watch his entire interview, including his childhood dreams of the Marvel hero, you can check out the full video right here.