Splatoon 2: Latest Splatfest Pits Movies Against Books


It's that time again - time for an epic new Splatfest event to pit player against player and raise their flags for a worthy cause! Previous fests have had some interesting takes such as Ketchup vs. Mayonaise, Which way to roll the toilet paper, Flight vs. Invisibility, Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy, Vampires vs. Werewolves, and more. This time around, it gets personal - the ultimate face-off for an age-old debate: Film or Books.

Players can don their cause's shirt in order to head into the battlefield. Though books will clearly be the winner (heh), it gives players a fun event to get down on while earning some sweet rewards. This latest Splatfest is only for European Splatoon 2 players, however, so the rest of us must root from afar.

The latest showdown kicks off on Friday December 9th at 15:00 UK. How Splatfests works is players must choose a side and fight for the glory! It's a PvP event for the ages. Each side represents the T-shirt of their cause and will battle it out to earn in-game currency known as Super Sea Snails that allow for Splatfest participants to cash them in for clothing perks to make their game even meaner. The losers still get a participation award, but winners get to say that they won and get more goodies. What's a little healthy competition among friends?


Splatoon 2 is exclusively available for the Nintendo Switch and is available now. Don't forget to log in and battle it out to see who is the crowning victor for the ultimate adventure experience.