Star Wars Battlefront 2: Play and Destroy as Baby Yoda with New Mod

Star Wars Battlefront II players can now actually play as Baby Yoda in the game thanks to one crafty modder who completed their project. The modder who goes by Nanobuds had been working on a mod for the Star Wars game which would turn the new BB-8 hero into Baby Yoda by providing the droid with a makeover, thus allowing people to unofficially play as the fan-favorite character from Disney's The Mandalorian. Now that the mod is complete, those playing Star Wars Battlefront II on the PC who want to add Baby Yoda to their games can download and install the mod.

Nanobuds shared their creation on Nexus Mods, the go-to place for pretty much any PC mod you're looking for. By transforming BB-8 into Baby Yoda and giving him his hovering vehicle to zoom around in, the mod is as close as Star Wars Battlefront II players will get to officially playing as Baby Yoda.

"I started this as a joke mod but it ended up being pretty cool," Nanobuds said about the creation. "He looks wacky on the frontend- There is nothing I can do about this. I can't change the animations to make BB8's arm or wire go away. Everything is fine in-game though."

Those who recall seeing the mod the last time it was previewed may remember that even thought the character looked like Baby Yoda, it still featured BB-8's abilities and the droid's sound effects. The former is still true even though Baby Yoda uses the moves in natural ways, but the latter has changed now that custom sound effects have been added to round out the character mod.

Nanobuds announced the release of the mod recently and highlighted some images others had shared to show off some different perspectives on the Baby Yoda mod.


This mod wouldn't have been possible had it not been for BB-8, the droid character who was added to the game not long ago. BB-8 was added as a playable hero for the Resistance and was joined by BB-9E, a droid working for the First Order.

Star Wars Battlefront II's BB-8 character is now in the game, and the Baby Yoda mod is now available to download.