Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Now Open to All Players

After a brief period in closed beta, the Star Wars Battlefront II open beta is now available to download and play across all platforms! The beta client should show up on Origin, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and contains quite a bit of content for you to work through.

The beta will last from today until October 9, so if you're planning to try the game here before pre-ordering, you have a very limited window to do so! There will be different modes available to play depending on the day, and these will be rotating soon. Today, for example, is the only chance you'll get to try Arcade challenges. The rotation, according to the official site, will look like this:

October 6: Arcade Challenges

  • "Win Arcade while defeating 30 enemies, complete 3 Arcade scenarios to earn rewards."

October 7: Galactic Assault Challenges

  • "Play a round of Galactic Assault, defeat 20 enemies while playing as a Reinforcement, and play as, and defeat a trooper, a reinforcement, a hero, and a villain to earn rewards."

October 8-9: Starfighter Assault Challenges

  • "In Starfighter Assault, become a Hero Ship, destroy 5 turrets and 5 Objectives, and get a Savior Kill Assist 25 times to earn rewards."

"These Beta scenarios represent just a small portion of what you’ll be experiencing in the full release of Star Wars Battlefront II," EA's social content editor noted on the PlayStation Blog. "In the full game, play eleven different Galactic Assault maps, travel across five Starfighter Assault maps, embark on a journey through an all-new Star Wars story in the single-player campaign, and get ready for additional multiplayer action, plus much more."

We'll be playing all weekend on PC and PS4, so we hope to see you on the battlefield! Be sure to chime in on Facebook or Twitter to let us know what you think of the beta.