Stardew Valley: The Board Game Revealed

Few games have amassed as big a dedicated following as Stardew Valley has, and now you can take that same addictive gameplay to the tabletop with Stardew Valley: The Board Game. ConcernedApe (Eric Barone) revealed the game yesterday, and impressively it's already sold out, though more copies will likely be available soon. Barone has been working on the project alongside designer Cole Medeiros for over 2 and a half years, and the board game version of Stardew Valley pretty much features everything fans loved from the original release, including taking care of their crops, interacting with villagers, fishing, mining, foraging, and more.

The game takes about 45 minutes to play through a full year (per player), and is a cooperative experience where players work together to protect the valley. If they succeed, the valley is brought back to life, and the Joja Corporation is kicked out of town. You'll achieve this by completing Grandpa's Goals and restoring the Community Center, and each round things like the weather and other events are thrown into the mix via cards from the Season Deck.

(Photo: ConcernedApe and Cole Medeiros)

Throughout the experience, you gain new skills, find new items, gather resources, and make friends, which will unlock unique gifts and reveal Community Center Bundles, and while it has a layer of complexity, it was designed with a friendly learning curve.

You can find the official description for Stardew Valley: The Board Game below.

"Stardew Valley: The Board Game is a cooperative game where players work together to restore the Valley. They accomplish this by growing crops, raising animals, expanding their farm and collecting resources from across the Valley.

By befriending the local villagers, players earn hearts that allow them to reveal hidden goals. Only by working together will they keep Joja Corporation from moving in and spoiling everything.

So choose your profession and pick up your starting tool; Stardew Valley needs you!"


Stardew Valley: The Board Game can be purchased here, and while it is sold out at the moment, a second printing is in the works.

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