New Steam Game Is Already the Best-Reviewed of 2022

A new Steam game that was only released mere days ago is already the best-reviewed title of 2022 on Valve's expansive PC platform. For the most part, 2022 has been a pretty middling year when it comes to major video game releases. While some titles like Elden Ring have resonated greatly with audiences, on the whole, 2022 (at least for the time being) is widely considered to have been a down year for the gaming industry. And perhaps for that reason alone, one title has now been able to quickly shoot to the top of the Steam charts. 

At the time of this writing, Annapurna Interactive's Stray has now become the top-reviewed game of 2022 on Steam based on responses from players. According to Steam250, which is a site that tracks user reviews on Steam, Stray has now beat out the PC release of God of War as the top-rated game of the year until this point. Stray currently has an overall score of 8.61 on the site after nearly 43,000 reviews. God of War then clocks in with a score of 8.56 after a little more than 53,000 votes. Conversely, Elden Ring ranks much lower on the chart, but it's also seen well over 500,000 reviews, which has surely contributed to the game's aggregate score going down just a bit. 

Obviously, this review system isn't a perfect science, but it just goes to show that Stray has been a massive hit so far both commercially and critically. In addition to topping the reviews chart, Stray also set a record for Annapurna Interactive as the publisher's most concurrently-played game ever when it launched. Plus, the fact that Stray has also been compatible with Steam Deck right away at launch has surely helped it reach an even larger audience. 

Moving forward, it will be fascinating to see what kind of legs Stray has. While many Steam users around the globe are currently in love with the game, only time will tell if it can stay atop this chart in the final months of the year. No matter what happens, though, Annapurna and developer BigTwelve Studio have to be thrilled with how the game has already performed in its first week after release. 

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